Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing Services

The team at TPLEX has excelled as Cloud Storage and Computing providers. By using Microsoft cloud services (Azure) as our primary development platform and infrastructure, we are able to manage a deploy your applications within an environment that has been backed and guaranteed by Microsoft Windows web server hosting.

TPLEX offers the best in the industry as Microsoft cloud service providers. Some of the benefits of Microsoft Azure include:

  • Virtual machines that facilitate easy application migration.
  • A robust API that allows the platform flexibility and makes it extremely extensible.
  • An extremely scalable SQL database that provides a superior data management experience.
  • Built in Cloud Services that support automated releases and complex scenarios.
  • A media service option that has quite a list of uses beyond merely broadcasting media.

What to Do Next:

TPLEX is providing you the best services among Windows Azure Cloud Computing, Microsoft Windows Web Server and Azure Cloud Computing Services in the world. Contact us today so we can discuss how we can help you to get your online presence worldwide.