SharePoint Development & Consulting Services

agiledevelopmentUsed by nearly 4 out of every 5 Fortune 500 companies in the US alone, SharePoint is a wise investment in a robust platform to support software development that has the ability to scale immensely. Further, its extensive integration" and API capabilities and central management and security controls make it a fantastic hub for hosting and serving a myriad of simple and complex applications and interfaces.

For such a grand software suite, the last thing you want is to simply hire a SharePoint developer; instead, you need a full-service SharePoint Consultancy. And as your SharePoint consultants, we look forward to creating a powerful front and back end application"> to help you drive your organization’s continued success.

The scope and capabilities of SharePoint applications and solutions have quickly evolved from mere document and content management to full-scale social media networks within or even across organizations. Regardless of your SharePoint consulting needs, TPLEX is well equipped to handle your entire SharePoint implementation project from end to end.

When you choose to outsource SharePoint development to TPLEX, your project will undergo the same rigorous process of needs exploration, architecting, development, testing" and deployment as all of our many web applications projects are subjected to. This process ensures the best performing, highest quality end product that can be achieved.

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