Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Your custom application will pass the rigorous screen of our award-winning quality management system prior to its inclusion into your business’ infrastructure. Each project that we develop follows a strict and thorough quality assurance plan and process. Software quality control is the final critical step that leads to successful release and implementation of your integrated software solutions.

Quality Assurance Framework

TPLEX has developed Quality Assurance Consulting into one of our core strengths as a result of our combined years of experience and success. Our QA framework is set upon a strong foundation of ethics, quality control, Quality Assurance and ongoing training. This foundation then influences our standard operating procedures, management practices, policies, strategies and improvement guidelines.

Quality Assurance Methodology


TPLEX’s core QA methodology features:

  • Automated testing tools – Our automated testing tools simulate the actual environments that your software applications will run in upon implementation. Working in this manner allows us to discover any lingering issues early and fix them prior to your custom software’s release.
  • Load testing services – Your applications will be subjected to tough load testing to ensure that both they and your database can potentially handle high volume, constant queries in a live environment. These load tests contribute to your ability to scale your operation effortlessly down the road.
  • Rigorous peer review – Each issue that arises during your application’s development is reviewed multiple times by multiple team members to ensure that no mission-critical bugs slip through the cracks.
  • Regression testing methods – Prior to integrating your new software into your legacy processes, we perform an additional layer of testing to ensure that no aspect of the new software comprises the old.
  • Staging environment testing – By testing in a staging environment, we are able to run full-scale quality assurance without jeopardizing your current system or processes.

What to Do Next:

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