Legacy Application Migration to Cloud

One of your biggest concerns is bound to center around the fear of migrating your web software applications and other critical back end components to the cloud during your enterprise software deployment.

You have nothing to worry about. You’ll leverage TPLEX’s expertise in software business process re-engineering as well as business process mapping and optimization to bring about a smooth transition to your new platform without incident.

Our skilled team uses Share Point database migration to initiate seamless changeover to your new cloud environment. Should there be any special considerations due to the unique inter dependencies and challenges of your system, we also provide legacy application support. We utilize service and repair software in the event of broken or malfunctioning components of your legacy software.

Migration from Classic ASP to .Net or Open Source

Your path to a pain-free, seamless migration includes:

  • Analysis and Migration Planning – We aggregate the functional realities of your legacy software with our broad and deep knowledge of common issues and consideration to develop a detailed migration plan.
  • Legacy Migration - We perform the actual migration of your legacy components to the cloud.
  • Compatibility Testing – Your entire system receives another run of tests to ensure you’re your new applications communicate properly with the rest of your components.
  • Regression Testing –Your system receives a final set of test where we ensure that no issues or breaks are caused by new inter dependencies introduced by your new application(s).
  • Post Migration Support – You’ll receive additional support after your migration has been completed to maximize the quality and speed of your front end user experience as well as the accuracy of data flow on your system’s back end.

For migration from ASP to .Net, we provide two high-quality options:

  • A complete “ground-up” re-write so that allows you to fully utilize .Net capabilities by making sure that all data has been arranged in classes for maximum agility, flexibility and scalability. This option works best if you value getting the work done in one chunk rather than incrementally as not to disrupt critical space on future release schedules. In most cases, choosing this option means that you are not “down to the wire” in your terms of time allocation.
  • A simplified migration that gives you .Net functionality quickly. Meanwhile, a more complete transformation can be carried out in stages over several subsequent releases. This option works well when you are under intense time pressure and need .Net primary functions right away and can afford to wait to get access to the platforms more discrete properties.

If your goal is to migrate completely to open source, we have a specific offering for you as well. An open source migration might be the better choice for you should if you value the input of 3rd party community coders influencing your software. While you may not have complete control over the code, you will gain the ability to quickly and easily extend your development team so that you can scale, evolve and pivot with amazing speed.

What to Do Next

TPLEX offers you one of the best values among Legacy Application Migration Services, Database Migration Services in USA, Application Migration and Engineering Services in the world. Contact us today so we can discuss how we can help you to meet your goals and objectives.