Offshore Software, Application Development Services

As a Custom Application Development company, TPLEX specializes in a wide array of Software Application and user interface designs that help you achieve your unique business goals. Some of these services include, but are not limited to:

  • HTML5 Application Development
  • Ecommerce Application Development
  • Software Application Design
  • User Interface Design (UI/UIX)
  • Custom Server Side Development
  • Custom Client Side Development
  • Application Maintenance

application-development-and-maintenanceWhen you work with TPLEX’s skilled programming team, you’ll walk way with a solution that has been conceptualized and built from soup to nuts. You’ll also receive a special maintenance package that we include with every custom solution that we develop for you.

TPLEX’s most valuable benefit is our ability to operate like a freelance Software Development outfit and develop strategies and solutions tailor made to satisfy your most important needs and objectives.

As Microsoft Azure experts, we provide you with a high level of skills and quality within an affordable framework that is both powerful and easy to work with.

The TPLEX Development Process

With TPLEX, you’ll get to experience a proven, Customer Focused Development process formulated to achieve the best possible outcome with the most efficient use of time and resources.

We’ll begin with an in-depth analysis of the problem that you’ll need your application to solve. During this stage, we’ll choose the framework, coding languages and infrastructure characteristics that will best achieve your short and long term goals.

A schematic of your application will be created to bring clarity to the specific components that will need to be built as well as the interdependencies between those components. Standards for what constitutes a successfully completed application will also be decided upon at this time.

Your application will be built using the most up-to-date best practices in lean, agile software development. This approach will ensure the best possible outcome for your project

Before your application is released into the wild, we will run it through a battery of quality assurance tests, including regression testing against your existing system and applications to ensure a smooth implementation.

Once your new application has passed our rigorous tests, we will connect it to the rest of your virtual infrastructure to provide the solution that it was created for.

You’ll receive expert maintenance of your applications for the life of your relationship with TPLEX. Our team will become your team as we act as an extension of your business operation.


TPLEX offers you one of the best values among Offshore Software Development Services and App Development Companies in the world. Contact us today so we can discuss about how to explore the business by using these latest technologies in this competitive world.